Hot Tips

Hot design tips for your home

  • Wall furnishings can add class and sophistication to any home. There is a huge supply of paint, tiles, wallpapers, pictures and artwork that can add instant innovation to your home. Stick with a neutral base and add pizzazz with any of the following, that way when your taste has changed in 4-5 years time the cost of updating is minimised.
  • A colour scheme is the most important part of your home decor. This is often a great way to reflect your personality. Some tones create energy and zest while others are calming and soothing. Knowing which colours work in which rooms of your home is essential to getting the best out of your living space.
  • Fresh flowers are a great way to liven up any room - especially when selling your home or having guests over. They create a fresh and modern feel, add vibrancy and colour and create a homely welcoming and also give off a beautiful scent.
  • Play up your fabrics and textures. The best way to incorporate the same look in different colours and tones is in different fabrics, such as mink, linen, leather and woods. Where possible, try and accommodate these to the current season. i.e. mink for winter, linen for summer.
  • Storage is the key. Often houses do not have enough storage space to accommodate for modern home owners and families. When making new purchases take into account the storage compartment and whether you can use the item to its best potential to accommodate with your storage needs. The less of your personal belongings that need to be left on show the better!
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