Presale Makeovers

Most sellers make the mistake of waiting until their Home Open to assess the SALE condition of their home. If you want to SELL your home FASTER, make a larger PROFIT and turn viewers into BUYERS then you need to stand out from the rest! We can help you with all of these elements at Design Diva.

For vendors, we will help you maximise the selling price of your home to its greatest potential. Let us help you with our quality tradespeople and unlimited suppliers in furniture hire, artwork, rugs, lighting, accessories and everything required to make your home the absolute best it can be!

For landlords, it's all about maximising your rental income. Redecorating can increase rental income as high as 30%. It's all about knowing how to maximise space, use the right colours and furniture selections, depersonalising the space and creating flow to attract a broader audience.

So start enticing prospective tenants and buyers NOW! Let a Design Diva specialist help get your makeover underway today. Call Clare on 0438 383 033.